We are an online company that offers fast and simple car title loans.

The lending experts at Highway Title Loans make getting cash for your car's title easy. All you need to do is fill out our online application and answer a few questions about your vehicle and income history. Once approved, you can get the cash in one business day and keep driving your vehicle while the loan is repaid!

In most states, there's no store visit required, and you can often finish the application and underwriting process in less than an hour. We'll work with you to get reasonable terms with a funding amount and interest rates that work for both parties.

How An Online Title Loan Works

How To Get Approved

Getting approved for auto title loans is easier than with other short term loans. Unlike a personal loan, bad credit isn't a significant issue when you apply with Highway Title Loans. While some lenders will look at your job history and ability to repay a loan, they're more interested in your car's equity versus your recent credit history.

Payment terms and the APR for a title loan are primarily based on your vehicle's collateral. You should have no problem qualifying for same day cash if you have a paid-off pink slip with enough equity in the car. Other factors, such as proof of income and verifying your credit score, will be necessary during the underwriting process. Ultimately, most companies that offer car title loans online want to know that you have a newer paid off vehicle.

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Why You Should Get
An Online Title Loan

Car title loans online aren't for everyone, but there may be some benefits when you apply online with Highway Title Loans. The most significant incentive of a title loan is that you can quickly be approved and get your cash. The main requirement is that you have a clean and clear car title. Compare that to other unsecured loans, which take days to get approved and require a good credit score. Here are some other reasons why secured loans can be a great option.


Fast Approval Time

No Penalty For Early Payment

Keep Driving Your Vehicle

Quick Vehicle Inspection

Bad Credit Or No Credit Is Ok

Cash Is Sent To Your Account

Easy To Understand Contract

Borrow Only What You Need

Interest Rates & Fees For Online Title Loans

Interest rates can be high with online title loans but they're often lower than what you see with payday loans and cash advances. Some states cap the loan amount and limit the APR. For example, California has a strict limit of 36% for the APR on secured loans under 10k. Confirm the fees that come with your loan before you sign off on a contract. Also, make sure you can pay off your loan amount early with no penalty assessed. Most secured lenders don't charge a prepayment penalty for early payment.

Can I Get A Title Loan With Bad Credit

You can qualify for a secured loan using your vehicle's equity without needing a decent credit score. A personal or installment loan will always require excellent credit, but an auto title loan is based on your vehicle equity, not a credit report! That's how you can borrow more cash from a title lender near you versus a traditional lending offer. When you first apply for a Highway Title loan, there may be a quick check of your credit to verify your personal and lending information. Still, title lenders are far more interested in the vehicle value versus your credit report.

Can I Keep Driving My Car After I Get A Loan

Can I keep driving my vehicle after I take out the loan online? Yes, even though you hand over your vehicle title as collateral, you can still keep driving your car while making the monthly payments. It wouldn't make sense for you or a lender to take your car and limit your ability to go to work and make money! Remember that there are still serious repercussions if you stop paying your car title loan or default on the payments. You keep the vehicle during the life of the loan, but once you fall behind on monthly payments, you run the risk of late fees and, ultimately, a repossession of your car.

How Much Money Can I Borrow With A 24 Hour Title Loan

Your loan amount almost entirely depends on the equity available from your vehicle and more your car is worth, the more cash you can borrow with a title loan online. Funding amounts range from $2,500 to $10,000 in many states, with higher amounts in those with no lending limits or for vehicles with low mileage. Other factors like income and recent credit history may also affect the loan amount.

How Much Does An Online Car Title Loan Cost

No reputable title loan company will charge an application fee. Any company that says you need to pay upfront is not a company to work with. Auto title loans are similar to payday loans as the APR is higher than what's typical from a bank or credit union. It isn't easy to find the exact cost associated with an instant auto title loan online, but you can ask for an upfront estimate or find out the amount when you review the contract.

Are Guaranteed Approval Online Title Loans Available In All States

Car title loans are a form of short term lending and fall under many of the same rules and regulations as payday and installment loan companies that offer unsecured loans. Lenders are regulated at the state level, and the laws often change. Some states allow equity loans, while others don't allow you to use your vehicle as collateral for a loan. Check with your state regulator before you seek out any personal loan, and stay updated on the current title loan lending laws.

Once Approved, How Long To Get My Money

Each online lender is different in how it gets you the loan proceeds, but for the most part, you can expect cash in hand within one or two business days. All companies are different regarding the payout, and some companies offering online title loans can fund your loan in one business day if you want to meet with them at a local office. Most companies can send the funds by ACH, and others can send the money through bank wire or other overnight services.

How Is A Title Loan Different From Other Unsecured Loans

With online title loans, you use your vehicle's equity as collateral to get the money you need. With unsecured loans, there's no security backing the amount you borrow and the lender trusts you can make the payments on time. Also, you can borrow more with a title loan that's backed by vehicle equity.

Features Of Highway Title Loans