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We are an online lender that offers fast and simple car title loans.

At Highway Title Loans we make it easy to get cash for your vehicle’s pink slip. Fill out our online application and answer a few questions from our underwriting team. You can keep driving your vehicle for the life of the loan!

In most state’s there’s no in store visit required and you can often finish the application and underwriting process in less than an hour. We’ll work with you to get reasonable terms with a funding amount and interest rate that works for both parties.

How The Online Application Process Works

What Do I Need To Get Approved?

Getting approved for an online title loan is a lot easier when compared to most other short term loans. Unlike a personal loan, bad credit isn’t going to a significant issue. While most lenders will still look at your employment history and ability to pay back a loan, they care more about your ability to pay back a loan instead of your recent credit history.

When it comes to paying back a car title loan it’s all about the amount of equity available in the vehicle. You should have no problem qualifying for same day cash if you have a paid off pink slip with enough equity in the car.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Car Title Loan?

The underwriting process for online applications can be completed in less than 24 hours. You’ll first need to fill out an online title loan application. It will ask for details about your employment history and vehicle information.

After you click submit the underwriting team will evaluate the application to use your car as collateral for a loan. They may need additional info or background information, but most applicants will get a funding decision within a few hours.

Benefits Of A
Highway Title Loan

Title Loans aren’t for everyone, but there are benefits with a vehicle equity loan.

Fast Approval Time
No Penalty For Early Payment
Keep Driving Your Vehicle
No In Store Inspection
Bad Credit Or No Credit Is Ok
Cash Is Sent To Your Account
Easy To Understand Contract
Borrow Only What You Need

By using the available equity in your vehicle you can qualify for a secured loan. It's difficult to get approved for an unsecured loan in most cases. A personal loan lender will ask for employment information, and they will make sure you have good to excellent credit. An installment loan lender won't require excellent credit. But they will still want to verify you have a decent payback history on past loans with no defaults. With a secured car title loan, you can borrow thousands of dollars. Most companies will let you borrow 60-70% of the available equity in your vehicle and you can keep driving your car. The lender will take your pink slip as collateral and hand it back to you after all payments have been made.

Finance rates are still high with a car title loan, but nowhere near the amount you see with a standard payday loan or cash advance. Some states limit the amount you can borrow with an online title loan as well as the interest rate a lender can charge you. As an example, California has a strict limit of 36% for car title loan fees. Check with your lender and confirm the fees and charges that come with your loan before you sign off on a contract. Also, make sure you can pay off your loan amount early with no penalty assessed. Most secured lenders will not asses a prepayment penalty for early payment.

Features Of An Online Title Loan

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