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HIGHWAY TITLE LOANS IS A COMPANY THAT’S DEDICATED TO OUR CLIENTS! We know hundreds of car title loan companies out there want your business. Finding a service that can get you a secured loan is easy, but is that what you want? Here at Highway Title Loans, we’ll do all we can to evaluate your situation. First, is there ever a good time to take out a vehicle title loan? Or are there other more realistic options that would work better for your situation? Not everyone that comes to our site is best suited for this type of funding. We’ll do our best to identify those people and help them to determine the best course of action. It’s also essential to work with a company that offers title loans in your state and your best interests in mind. In addition to recommending other financial resources, we will ensure you get the best available terms and rates.

Some applicants apply with the first title loan company they come across online and borrow way more money than they need. Or they sign the first financing contract they see and get charged a huge interest or fees. So when you apply for fast cash with car title loans completely online, we’ll ensure you only borrow what you need.


We’ve Offered Nationwide Title Loan Services Since 2019

Highway Title Loans is committed to making the application process as easy as possible for our applicants. Do you have a question about the online title loan form? Or do you want to determine if your vehicle or pink slip will qualify based on a unique situation? No problem! Call us on our toll-free number and speak to any of our customer service representatives.

All our reps are trained to walk you through the car title loan application. They can answer any questions that may come up about what it takes to qualify. Our online services are fast and convenient, and hopefully, the different loan offers can fill a financial need. It typically takes a few hours to complete the underwriting process, but we will keep you informed and notified all along the way. In addition to helping you with questions about the application, we can assist you with other issues after approval. Are you looking to refinance your title loan? That is not a problem either; we can look at different ways to get your finance charges down even if you can’t verify employment.


Why You Should Apply With Our Company

Customers continue to work with us and recommend our services because we’re dedicated to helping them from start to finish. Our company has multiple offices throughout the country and works with borrowers online and in person. Rest assured, we’re experts in vehicle equity lending and continuously strive to deliver the best service and value to our applicants.

Did you know you can have the money wired to your bank account after approval? Or you can pick up your funds at any local office that same day. Another benefit of a Highway Title Loan is that there is no penalty for early payoff. Some banks and personal loan companies will charge you a penalty for prepayment, but you don’t have that with car title loans that are entirely online. The quicker you pay off an online title loan, the less interest you will pay. You can also get your car’s pink slip back upon paying the title loan in full!


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