Get Quick Cash With A Georgia Title Loan

Our title loan offers give borrowers in Georgia a chance to pay for unexpected expenses. We provide online title loans and allow borrowers to apply in person at locations throughout the state. Qualifying is easy; you may get your cash within one business day! Find out exactly what you need to get approved and how quickly you can get your money.


Car Title Loans In Georgia - What's Required

The requirements for title loans in Georgia are much less than you would expect with most personal loan offers. To qualify, you need a paid off vehicle, proof of vehicle registration, car insurance, and verifiable income. Lenders may also require proof that you make enough money to sustain making the monthly payments. This proof can be an employment stub or proof of income showing you earn a certain amount each month.

Your car can't have any liens or loans against it that would make it difficult to add another lienholder to the title. The bottom line, we need to ensure that no other person or company can claim ownership of your vehicle.

Are you having trouble finding or securing your car's title? That's no problem.  The Georgia Department Of Driver Services has an office on Whitehall Street in Atlanta that offers expedited vehicle title services.


Loan Amounts And Interest Rates With Online Title Loans In GA

Title loan funding amounts in GA depend on several factors, including the lender you work with and your car's resale value. Loan amounts range between $500 and $15,000, and the funding amount may be reduced if you're a first time applicant. As of 2024, the average funding amount in Georgia is $2,650, and some customers can borrow significantly more using a vehicle valued at $7,000 or more.

Remember, there's no penalty for paying down the balance early, and you can save thousands by repaying your loan in months versus 2-4 years. Pay the loan balance whenever you have extra money in a given month.

The interest rates for a title loan in Georgia vary based on your lending profile, vehicle value, and the time to repay the loan. As of 2024, the APR can be well over 300%, based on state laws that cap interest rates at 25% monthly. Some companies that offer online title loans may have higher rates than what's required by state regulations. So, it's best to only work with a licensed title loan company registered with Georgia's Consumer Protection Division.


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Interest Rates & Fees With A Georgia Title Loan

While the average APR for an online title loan in Georgia can approach 100%, that's not always the case. It's not uncommon to get a title loan with an interest rate of 50%, which can come with little to no fees and the option to pay off the balance in full at any time! The bottom line is that you should not settle for the first quote you get; instead, reach out to multiple companies that offer online title loans!

Even with the ability to negotiate with direct lenders, some borrowers may still be in worse positions. This can happen when they don't pay their loans back on time. Your lender could repossess your vehicle if you're even if you're a few weeks late on your payment! To avoid this, make the payments on time and ask your lender about refinancing if you can't afford the monthly fees and interest charges!


Title Loan Approval In GA With Bad Credit

The approval process for a title loan in GA hardly ever depends on your credit history. Most borrowers applying for a title loan have already been turned for a personal loan, and that's why these secured loans are an ideal option. Again, we're more interested in your vehicle's value, not your credit score!

A secured lender in Augusta may run a soft credit check to see if you have any pending judgments or bankruptcies. However, they will not be concerned about your FICO score if you have equity in your vehicle and can verify a monthly income source.


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Apply For A Title Loan With No Store Visit Or With A Local Direct Lender

Instant approval title loans are available for anyone in Georgia who wants to use their car as collateral for a loan. Here at Highway Title Loans, we can process and underwrite your application online and connect you with a local lender offering same day cash title loans. That means there's a chance you won't have to visit a store to submit documents and have the vehicle inspected!

Would you rather work with a direct lender in your neighborhood? You can also visit any lending location in Macon, Columbus, or Augusta to apply in person.

Contact our customer service team today to see how much cash you can get from Highway Title Loans. Apply with us online or call 877-433-5454 today!


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