Get A Car Title Loan In Wisconsin

Getting a title loan in Wisconsin is relatively easy if you have equity in your vehicle, and you can qualify for funding in less than 24 hours when applying with Highway Title Loans. A title loan is secured by a paid off vehicle and a lender places a lien on the car once the loan is funded. You'll make monthly payments to pay down the balance, and you can keep driving your vehicle while making monthly payments on your loan.

Are you wondering how easy it is to get a car title loan in Wisconsin? These loans are possible for anyone with a vehicle valued at over $4,000, with loan amounts ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. A credit check is sometimes needed when you apply for a title loan, but it's not the main requirement, and most applicants can get approved with minimal credit requirements. Are you looking to learn more about how these auto title loans work and the essential requirements in WI?  Read on to find out what you need to know!


What Is Required For A Title Loan In Wisconsin

Vehicle Ownership. You're likely to qualify for a Wisconsin title loan if you own a vehicle with equity. This is the main requirement for any title loan, and you should have minimal issues if the vehicle has a resale value of $4,000 or more.

Clear Title and Registration. In addition to owning a vehicle, a borrower needs a clean and clear title indicating no outstanding liens on the car or other cosigners. The vehicle's registration should also be up to date with the Wisconsin DMV.

Proof of Income. Can you verify your monthly income? We need to know how much you make monthly and this can be done with pay stubs, employer records, or other income documents.

Identification and Age. Applicants must provide a state-issued ID or driver's license identifying them as Wisconsin residents. These documents need to show they meet the minimum age requirement set by the lender (usually 18 years or older in WI).

Vehicle Inspection. Although every title loan does not require a vehicle inspection, these are common for title loans and title pawns in Wisconsin with loan amounts over $2,000. Complete your inspection at locations in Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay.



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Apply For A Title Loan Online Or With A Local Lender in Wisconsin

Local companies offering car title loans in Wisconsin can start your application online, and Highway Title Loans can offer fast approval with a lending estimate in less than 30 minutes. Since 2014, Highway Title Loans has worked with customers in Wisconsin, and we can connect you with a neighborhood title loan company in Appleton or Kenosha. It doesn't matter where you live within the state, and we can even get you started over the phone at 877-433-5454.

Of course, some people are more comfortable submitting an application in person with a local lender, and Highway can also help you there, as we work with direct lenders throughout the state! Most auto title loan companies can get everything approved simultaneously, as you would expect online. The added benefit of working with a title loan company in your neighborhood is that you can complete the vehicle inspection at the same time when you first get pre-approved. Whichever option you choose, a licensed lender in WI will fund your loan with the opportunity for you to get fast cash through direct deposit in one business day!


Auto Title Loans In Wisconsin With Bad Credit

Before you contact a lender, it’s essential to know that most companies will approve you for a car title loan with bad credit. Past bankruptcy or multiple title loan defaults can be problematic, but even in those cases, you can still get approved for a lower loan amount if you have enough equity in your car, truck, or motorcycle!

Vehicle title loans in Wisconsin can be a win-win situation for you. They are fast and easy, and the only alternative you have for some money is a bevy of high-priced personal loans that all require excellent credit. These other financing options take weeks to get approved, and even then, your loan amount may be less than $1,000.


Apply With Highway Title Loans

Applicants in Wisconsin can apply with Highway Title Loans and get instant cash approval for their vehicle without leaving their home! Pick up the funds In Milwaukee or anywhere else throughout the state that same day business day. Call 877-433-5454 or apply online to get a loan based on your vehicle's value today!


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