Car Title Loans In Mississippi

Title loans have always been a popular source of funding for customers in Mississippi because they offer quick cash within 24 hours of approval. If you own a car, boat, or motorcycle, you're probably wondering how to apply and how much money you can get for that equity.

The first step is determining your vehicle's value to estimate the loan amount. You can get an evaluation from Highway Title Loans based on your car or truck's make, model, and year. With that information, we'll get you a lending quote and let you know the estimated monthly payment, interest rate, and repayment term. With a title loan in Mississippi, loan amounts go up to $25,000, and some lenders won't even check your credit score!


Where in Mississippi Can I Get A Title Loan

Highway Title Loans offers access to car title loans all over the state, and most of our customers apply online or call us at 877-433-5454. Get cash with your vehicle as collateral with a loan in Biloxi, Jackson, or Gulfport. No matter where you live in Mississippi, you can apply with Highway Title Loans and get a car title loan of $1,000 or more, with funding in one business day. The application can be completed online, and then you can meet with our agents in person at any lending location in Jackson, Hattiesburg, or Southaven.


Requirements For A Title Loan In Mississippi

The requirements for a title loan in Mississippi are straightforward. First, you need a clear title to your vehicle. The vehicle must be paid off with your original lender, and you must possess the actual pink slip. You also need a valid MS driver's license or government-issued ID card showing residency within the state.

Other requirements include proof of income. We must verify you can afford the monthly payments, and this proof can consist of employment pay stubs or bank statements. We also need documentation showing the car is fully insured and registered in Mississippi.

The last requirement varies amongst different lenders, but there's a good chance you'll need to have the vehicle inspected. The inspection takes around 30 minutes to an hour and involves a quick check to ensure the vehicle runs and is in decent enough condition to match the current resale value. The vehicle inspector also needs to confirm the VIN and odometer reading.



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Bad Credit Car Title Loans In Mississippi

You typically need good credit to get approved for a traditional personal loan, but this is not true with our car title loans! Many people are surprised they can qualify even though their credit isn't the best.  Licensed title loan companies often won't run a credit check. Instead, they will only run a soft check to see if you have any active loans or previous bankruptcies that could impact your future loan payments. Even if you have recently filed for bankruptcy or are struggling with other outstanding title loans, you can still qualify for funding with Highway Title Loans! The loan amount may be lower, but there's a reasonable chance you can qualify with us if there's equity in your vehicle!


Interest Rates With Mississippi Title Loans Near Me

The interest rates for a title loan depend on your vehicle's value and how much you're looking to borrow. For instance, you could find a company in Mississippi charging anywhere from 36% to 60%, while others may charge an APR that approaches triple digits for different loan amounts! As with any other high-interest loan, it's essential to negotiate with your lender and look for companies that allow early loan payoffs to get you out of debt quickly, and that's where Highway Title Loans comes in! We work with local companies offering Mississippi title loans and know which lenders offer the best rates!

Highway Title Loans can also help reduce the interest rates on your existing car title loan! Do you have an APR that's over 50% from another title loan company? Reach out to us and see if we can reduce your ARP and get you out of debt quickly. There's no risk in getting a quote to refinance your loan, and you may save thousands with just a tiny amount of work.


Start An Application For A Title Loan In Mississippi With Highway Title Loans

Contact Highway Title Loans at 877-433-5454 or apply online to get a same day quote for a car title loan in Mississippi. Whether you apply online or at any location in Jackson or Gulfport, we'll do what it takes to fund your loan quickly!


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