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Title loans have been a popular option for our customers in Mississippi because they offer quick cash within 24 hours of approval. If you own a car, boat, motorcycle, or ATV, you’re probably wondering how to get a title loan in Mississippi and how much cash you can get.

Before you get started applying for online title loans, it’s important to know what kind of value your vehicle has. You can do this by getting an evaluation from Highway Title Loans. We’ll give the most accurate estimate possible so there are no surprises down the road.

Once you have your initial quote and have learned what type of loan is best for your situation, it’s time to fill out some paperwork. From here on out, everything is streamlined to get done quickly and you can complete the underwriting for a title loan in Mississippi entirely online.


Where in Mississippi Can I Get A Title Loan

We offer car title loans all over the state. This includes when you use a car as collateral for a loan in Biloxi, Jackson, and Gulfport. There are over a dozen lending locations in BeloxiNo matter where you live within the State of Mississippi you can get cash for a paid off vehicle and everything can be completed within one business day. The application can be completed online and then you can either meet with us in person at any lending location in Jackson, Hattiesburg, or Southaven. Another option is to have one of our registered agents meet at a location you choose to review the documents and inspect your vehicle. Whichever option you choose we will work to get your loan approved and funded as quickly as possible.


What Do You Require To Get A Title Loan In Mississippi

The requirements for a title loan in MS are pretty simple. To begin with, you need a clear title to your vehicle. In other words, the vehicle must be paid off with your original lender and you need to physically possess the actual pink slip. If the name on the pink slip is not yours then you will need to have a power of attorney document that gives the lender authority to work on your behalf. You also must have a valid MS driver’s license or government issued ID card.

With any secured loan it is important for our customers to understand exactly what they are getting into before accepting money for their car. Getting cash loans should only be done if it will be used for emergencies or necessary expenses where other options are not available or cannot be used at this time. Online title loans are intended to help people get out of short term financial jams and it is recommended to work with a lender in Mississippi that allows you to make early payments and avoid extra fees and interest. By doing that you can avoid excess finance charges that come with getting a title loan with a title that’s not in my name and get your vehicle back!


I Have Bad Credit, Can I Still Qualify For An Auto Title Loan Near Me In MS?

Typically, you need good credit to get approved for a traditional installment loan. This is not at all the case with our title loans though! A lot of people are surprised when they find out they can qualify even though their credit isn’t the best. In fact, most licensed lenders won’t even run a standard credit check. Instead, they will only run a soft check to see if you have any active loans or previous bankruptcies that could impact your future loan payments. Most lenders in Mississippi will work with you to map out a loan payment and finance charge that works for both parties. You just need to know where to look and what questions to ask before applying for an online title loan in MS.


Interest Rates With Mississippi Title Loans Near Me

You monthly finance charge ultimately depends on your lender and what your borrower profile says. For instance, you could find a company in Mississippi charging anywhere from 36% to 60%. Others may charge an APR that approaches triple digits! While rates like this can be high, it’s important to remember that title loans are only meant as a short-term solution and are often the last resort for borrowers that won’t be approved for a bank loan.

You should plan to pay off the loan within three months or less. With that said, if you take out a six month loan for $5,000 with an interest rate of 22%, then you will end up paying back $6,400 total at the end of the term (including all finance charges and fees). This example shows a payoff and APR on the low end for what’s typical with lenders in Mississippi. But you should be to see how helpful it is to pay off your loan quickly, especially in areas like Biloxi that already have a higher cost of living than other cities in the state.


How Can I Get Started On An Application With Highway Title Loans

Don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team at Highway Title Loans. They’re there to help you through the application process and they’ll provide all of the necessary info that’s required to get your loan approved. You can get in contact with them by phone or use the online chat service – which is really convenient!

Whether you choose to apply for a title loan online or at any of the convenient locations in Jackson or Gulfport we’ll do what it takes to win your business and get your loan funded quickly!


A title loan provider in Mississippi can get you money when it's needed most!

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