Get Cash For Your Recreational Vehicle With An RV Title Loan


An RV title loan is essentially the same as a car title loan as it lets you borrow cash using the equity from your recreational vehicle. You essentially use your paid off RV collateral to secure your loan. For those with a fully paid off RV, this type of financing opens up access that isn’t otherwise available for someone with bad credit.


What’s Required To Be Approved For RV Title Loans

To qualify for an RV title loan you will need at the very minimum a paid off RV and a clear title to it. Your RV doesn’t have to be new or fancy; we’ve done title loans on everything from vintage RVs to motor homes. Most newer recreational vehicles that have been sold within the pasts decade will likely qualify. As long as it carries enough equity you should have no problem getting qualified.

If you own a low mileage RV but lack good credit you still might qualify for bad credit financing. Some lenders will allow you to keep your RV as collateral even if you don’t have perfect credit so inquire! With favorable interest rates, you can even try to pay off the loan early to avoid the interest or APR compounding as the loan matures.


How Long Does It Take To Qualify For An Title Loan With A RV

In order to be approved, RV title loan lenders will need to authorize an RV history report. This can take up to 1-3 business days and is usually free of charge but may come with a small fee depending on the lender. Because online title loans are secured it means RV owners receive a lower rate of approval than someone applying for standard auto financing.

Established title loan lenders have access to your DMV records and can often check for damage or other issues like a salvage title to see if there will be problems during underwriting. They can also see if your RV qualifies as a recreational vehicle or a trailer. If you have bad credit just expect that RV equity lenders will be taking higher risks so expect higher rates for your loan.


How Much Money Can I Get With A Title Loan For My RV

The cash available with an RV title loan can range from $1,000 all the way up to $100,000. This amount is much more than you get with typical online title loans and can approach the loan amounts with classic car title loans or those that are older with low mileage. The amount you can borrow solely depends on the value of your property. The higher value RVs typically bring in more equity so owners will usually have much more cash available with their recreational vehicle versus a car or truck. RVs with a book value over $10,000 are also the ones most likely to qualify for RV bad credit financing.


Is it possible to find a licensed RV title loan company near me?


Will I Be Able To Keep Driving My RV After I Take Out The Title Loan

Yes, established title loan lenders will still allow you to drive around your RV even after the loan has gone through. An RV title loan is just like any other secured car title loan it’s supposed to be an emergency fund of sorts so you really shouldn’t have to worry about RV title loans affecting your ability to maintain the use of the RV.

Keep in mind, you will face a difficult situation if you can’t make the monthly title loan payments. In this scenario, you are still driving the RV, but your title lender has every right to repossess the RV for lack of payment. As with any major financial decision it makes sense to read up on the latest repossession laws for title loans before you commit to making payments for months at a time.


Apply For Fast Cash With RV Title Loans Near Me

Get some much-needed cash with A RV title loan provider. Not only do you have the option to apply online but you can also find title lenders in Tulsa, OK and other cities all over the US!  We can get your application underwritten in the quickest amount of time possible with a funding pre-approval in less than an hour. All this without affecting your RV’s registration. Apply now with Highway Title Loans and access the paid off equity from your RV! Give us a call anytime at 877-433-5454 or apply online right now!

RV title loans near me will typically come with no credit check

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