Same Day Funding For Online Car Title Loans In Michigan


Online title loans are one of the most accessible forms of no credit lending in Michigan. This is beneficial because you can use this type of loan to secure cash during tough financial times. The application process is very straightforward, and you can be approved online within 15 minutes for a title loan in Michigan.

We can help anyone in Michigan who wants to use their car as equity for a loan. Highway Title Loans is a lender for fast online title loans, and we now offer funding for anyone in Detroit looking for emergency cash. Borrow up to $10,000 with a car title loan, and you can typically access that money within one business day at any of our locations in Michigan.


How Online Title Loans Work In Michigan & What’s Required

We offer car title loans on your vehicle regardless of whether you have bad credit or no credit history. We’ll use your car’s equity as collateral for a secured loan; we only need a vehicle titled in your name and proof of income. Most cars can qualify if they have less than 150k miles.

Start your application with us online, and we’ll create a quick quote that shows your payoff time and expected monthly payment. After that, we’ll match you with a direct lender in Michigan, you’ll schedule a brief vehicle inspection to confirm the vehicle’s value, and then you can pick up your loan proceeds that same day!

You can expect to be approved for auto title loans on your paid off vehicle even with a low FICO score. We utilize your automobile as collateral when offering cash through an online title loan in Michigan.


What To Expect When Getting A Title Loan In Detroit

We’ll work with you to prep your car title so that there are no additional requirements for getting this quick loan in Detroit. When you meet with a lender at any local location in MI, bring the car title and another valid ID per local title loan laws. Other requirements may include proof of employment and a document showing valid vehicle insurance. Again, the main requirement is simply the equity in your vehicle, and many loan providers in Detroit will have no issues approving your loan application. You can keep driving your car if you make monthly title loan payments, and you’ll get the pink slip back after all the payments have been made.


Where In Michigan To Apply For Online Title Loans

Applying online is easy and only takes the information needed when you fill out our secure online form. Please provide your name, phone number (so we can reach you), the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and the loan amount you’re looking for (we offer same day cash title loans in Detroit, MI). Whether or not your vehicle is paid off depends on which option gets you the best title lending terms.

You can also apply with a local lender anywhere near you. This option has its benefits, as you can walk into a location. However, you can expect to spend more time completing the application with someone that’s face to face. There are hundreds of title lending offices in MI, and most finance companies are in Detroit. But you can also compare rates and loan amounts with title loan companies in Ann Arbor and Lansing to get the best loan terms for your paid off vehicle. You may even be able to get cash quickly with a local title loan company in Detroit, Michigan, versus an online lender, as some companies will hand over the money after you complete the vehicle inspection.

Whatever route you choose, Highway Title Loans has you covered in car title loans in Michigan. Apply with us online or in person at any local lending office in Detroit or Grand Rapids to get fast money for your car title!


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