Get Fast Approval Title Loans In Oklahoma

A lot of people struggle to get by financial in Oklahoma and while the cost of living is not to high, any type of financial emergency can make it difficult to come up with fast cash. Perhaps you’re considering a payday loan or personal loan to make ends meet. These loans are great, if you’re looking for less than $300, but what about if you need a larger loan amount and don’t have the excellent credit that’s needed to qualify for an installment loan? Why not consider a vehicle title loan from Highway Title Loans!

Using your car as collateral for an auto title loan in Oklahoma is an excellent way to get cash, and Highway Title Loans can get your loan funded in 24 hours or less. We make getting an instant approval title loan easy by taking applications online or over the phone at 877-433-5454. You can have money deposited into your checking account the same day if your loan is approved before 2pm CST!


What Is Required To Get Instant Title Loans In OK

Title loan requirements in Oklahoma are simple as long as you have a vehicle that’s titled in your name. The car’s title has to be free of an liens, cosigners, or other third parties who could claim ownership of the vehicle. Besides the car’s title you need to show income verification. Verify your income with pay stubs from an employer, bank records, social security documents, or anything else showing your monthly income. The bottom line, we must know you can afford the payments each month. While the car’s title is the primary requirement for an Oklahoma title loan, you won’t be approved if you can’t show of monthly income.

Besides those two primary requirements you need full insurance coverage on the vehicle. This means, comprehensive collision and personal injury coverage as well as full liability coverage if you’re ever in accident. We need proof that your vehicle has an active Oklahoma Certificate Of Title and all these documents need to be in your name. Lastly, we have to verify that you’re a resident of Oklahoma and this can be done with a utility bill, lease agreement, or any other legal document showing your address.

For loan amounts over $2,000 in Oklahoma, you can expect a vehicle inspection requirement with any lending location in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Norman. While these inspections can sometimes be a hassle, we aim to make them quick and they typically take less than an hour. Your lender will check the vehicle’s mileage, the mechanical state of the car, and look for any damage or issues that could reduce the vehicle’s resale value.



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Funding Amounts And Rates With Car Title Loans in Oklahoma

Title loan amounts start at $1,000 in Oklahoma and go up to $25,000 for high value vehicles. For motorcycle title loans, the loan amounts are smaller and average $750 for a typical motorbike. We also offer semi truck title loans in Oklahoma and these loans are offered between $4,000 and $20,000 for most commercial trucks.

What about the interest rates you’re probably wondering!  Well, the APR for any title loan in OK is high and are often comparable to payday loans and personal loans offered for customers with poor credit. Expect an interest rate between 20% and 85% for an Oklahoma title loan and in some scenarios you can see higher rates if you can’t pass a vehicle inspection or if you can’t verify all your income.

Are you interested in reducing the interest rate of an existing title loan from another lender in Oklahoma City or Edmond? Many companies offer online title loans with interest rates that easily exceed 100%! That means it can years to repay your loan and most of your monthly payment will go straight to the interest rates. So why not see how much money you can save on your existing loan with a title loan refinance from Highway Title Loans! We work with local lenders in OK that can not only get a lower APR, but they may be able to lower your monthly payment or get a much quicker repayment term. There’s no real risk to see how much money we can save you with a lower interest so contact Highway Title loans today to refinance your title loan.


Title Loans In Oklahoma With Bad Credit

Title loans are an option for anyone in Oklahoma who’s dealing with poor credit and most lenders won’t even check your credit score because they’re more concerned with the equity from your vehicle. Even those with FICO scores under 550 can qualify for a title loan, so why not see how much you can borrow with Highway Title Loans? We may run your credit when you first apply with us online or over the phone, but that’s mostly to verify your identity and check for any current bankruptcies. There won’t be much of an issue getting approved if you have a paid off vehicle but recently defaulted on a few personal loans!


How Long Does It Take To Get A Title Loan From A Direct Lender In Oklahoma?

Getting approved for a title loan in Oklahoma is easier than ever with Highway Title Loans and there’s no reason why you can’t get approved and get your cash within one business day of applying. Some companies offer 1 hour direct deposits or same day bank wires if you need the funds even quicker! We work with most of the direct lenders in Oklahoma City and surrounding locations and we’re confident we can connect you with a company who matches what you need.

So call Highway Title Loans anytime at 877-433-5454 to see your estimated loan amount and repayment terms with a lender in Oklahoma!


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