Apply For Same Day Title Loans In Washington

Do you want to apply for an auto title loan in Washington but can't find a lender offering cash in less than 24 hours? Or have you been applying with personal loan companies only to be turned away because of a bad credit history?

Highway Title Loans can now provide cash funding from car title loans online in Washington! We have simplified the application process, and anyone can apply online or over the phone in minutes at 877-433-5454. You can get cash in less than one business day with your vehicle as the collateral. Borrow up to $25,000 with an auto title loan, and you can keep driving your car as you make the monthly payments.


How To Get A Car Title Loan In Washington & What's Required

It doesn't take much to complete our application for a Washington title loan. We'll need your personal information, vehicle details, and employment history for a quick lending estimate. All online applications are contacted within 15 minutes, and you should have a general outline of payoff terms and loan amounts within an hour of applying. After you have a lending estimate and repayment term, Highway Title Loans will match you with a local company in Washington. Getting matched with one of several local lenders can be beneficial, as you'll get multiple quotes with different payment options. You can complete the underwriting online or in person with a title loan provider in Seattle, Spokane, or anywhere else in WA.

After you're connected with a local title loan company, they'll continue to process your application, and you may need the vehicle inspection. A typical inspection takes less than an hour and is required to ensure the car exists and matches the resale value. Your lender will confirm the VIN and mileage and look for any damage on the inside or outside of the vehicle. If everything goes well with the inspection, you can then move on to sign the loan contract, add the lender as a lienholder to the title, and get your funds through direct deposit.


Requirements For Title Loans in Washington

Title loans are much easier to qualify for when compared to other short term loan offers that don't require excellent credit. Here's a breakdown of what you need to get an auto title loan in Washington:

  • Government Issued ID: We need to verify your identity, which can often be done with a WA driver's license or identification card.
  • Vehicle Title: Do you own your vehicle outright and is it free and clear of any liens, loans, or other issues that would cause someone to claim ownership of the vehicle? You should have little trouble qualifying for a title loan in Washington if you have a lien free vehicle title.
  • Income Verification: We need to know your monthly income to determine a loan amount and estimated repayment term. The more you make each month, the more you can repay. Confirm your income with paystubs or employment records.
  • Residency Verification: Are you a resident of Washington? To qualify for an auto title loan, we need to know where you live, and this can be verified with a utility bill, mortgage agreement, or lease document.
  • Vehicle Inspection: In almost all circumstances, your car will be physically inspected to check for any mechanical issues or other damage.


Spokane Washington


Loan Amounts For Washington Title Loans

Loan amounts range from $800 to $15,000 with a title loan in Washington. Since you are borrowing against your vehicle's value, this is usually capped at 70% of the car's resale value. Some vehicles may have higher values in larger cities like Seattle and Spokane as there's typically more competition for your business. However, no matter where you apply, you can still expect a fair lending offer based on the car's value. Our lenders will determine how much you can borrow based on the vehicle's equity and monthly income.

You may have heard of other lenders who say their interest rates are so low because they lend up to 100% of the car's value. But those cases are rare, and you should question any lender in WA that offers a loan inconsistent with your car's equity value.


Apply With Highway Title Loans Online Or With A Lender Near Me In Washington

You have multiple ways to apply for a title loan in Washington State. The easiest and most popular option is to apply online with Highway Title Loans. That way, you can start your application immediately, and you may get a lending offer that same day in cities ranging from Tacoma to Yakima. There are dozens of established title loan providers all over King County, and you can even find some loan providers in smaller towns like Pullman and Vancouver offering fast title loans based on your vehicle's equity value. Rest assured, a company is likely willing to provide you with a title loan within 20 miles of where you live in WA.


Interest Rates For Car Title Loans In Washington

With some companies, interest rates for bad credit car title loans in Washington State can be as high as 100%! That's not to say you'll always a rate that high, as it pays to apply with multiple title loan providers and look for the lowest APR and best terms! Most lenders in Seattle will offer loans with an APR that starts at 30%, which means you can end up paying a minimal amount in interest by paying off the loan quickly.


Apply Now With Highway Title Loans

Contact Highway Title Loans in Washington to cash out equity from your paid off vehicle! Apply online or call 877-433-5454 and you can expect a funding decision in less than an hour and cash in hand that same day!


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