Get A Motorcycle Title Loan

Are you looking for a title loan on your motorcycle but can't qualify with other lenders because of your credit history? Here at Highway Title Loans we can help anyone who owns a lien free motorcycle and there's a decent chance you can get funded in 24 hours or less.

A motorcycle title loan works much the same as a car title loan. We use the equity from your bike as collateral, and even though you need to give up the title, you can continue to ride the bike while paying down the loan balance. Borrow up to $5,000 with a motorcycle title loan from Highway Title Loans, and we'll work with you to get a manageable monthly payment and repayment term!


Highway Title Loans Offers Motorcycle Title Loans!

We can get you qualified for a motorcycle title loan in hours and we only need a few documents to get you a quote and start underwriting your application! To start, send us your valid motorcycle title and current registration information. We'll need information about your bike, including the make model and year. The motorcycle must be titled and registered in your name and it has to be completely paid off.

We'll also need a valid motorcycle insurance policy and proof that you make enough money to afford the monthly payment for your loan. This proof can be a paycheck stub or information from your employer showing that you make a certain amount each month. While an inspection is not always required, we still need to verify that the motorcycle exists and confirm the VIN and odometer reading.

All types of motorcycles can qualify for a title loan, and that, includes Harley Davidson Cruisers, Honda Sports bikes, Off-road bikes, and more. Highway Title Loans can even offer title loans on classic motorbikes if there's enough equity to serve as collateral. You may be surprised to see how many types of bikes can qualify, and we can help you get funded if your bike is valued at $1,000 or more!


Loan Amounts For Title Loans On A Motorcycle

Funding amounts with a title loan on a motorcycle are primarily based on the value of your bike. Expect to borrow 25% to 65% of the value of your motorcycle, with loan amounts ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 in most approved states. Some customers can qualify for a motorcycle title loan with bikes valued under $1,000!

You may wonder why these loan amounts are lower than you'd get with a title loan. The reason is that there's far more risk for a lender when offering a title loan on a motorcycle versus a car or semi truck title loan. Motorcycles can be easily transported across state lines, and they can be difficult to locate if there's ever a need to repossess the bike. Even though there's more risk for a lender with a motorcycle title they're still possible for anyone with a bike that's completely paid off! So contact Express Car Title Loans today to see how much money you can borrow.


Cash out your motorcycle's equity with Highway Title Loans!


Motorbike Title Loans With Bad Credit - Are They Possible?

Getting a motorcycle with bad credit is easier than you think, and your FICO score often isn't a factor when underwriting a loan. The reason for this is simple! If you have a motorcycle that's paid off and worth more than $1,000, you have some type of collateral to use as security for a title loan. While we may check credit to verify your identity, your credit history is far less critical with a title loan than if you were applying for an unsecured loan. Call Highway Title Loans at 877-433-5454 to see the title loan value of your bike, and rest assured your credit score won't be a major underwriting factor!


Interest Rates To Expect With Motorcycle Title Loans

Like car title loans, anyone looking for a title pawn on their motorcycle should expect a high interest rate or APR approaching 80% or more! That's because these loans are designed for people with bad credit or those who want to borrow more than what's common from a personal loan company. If you have decent credit, you're probably better off applying for an unsecured personal loan.


Where To Apply For Motorcycle Title Loans - Online Or In Person?

If you've decided that a motorcycle title loan is right for you, you have a few options. Highway Title Loans has offered access to these secured loans for years, and there's a good chance you can apply with us online. We'll match you with a local direct lender near you. Besides the fact that it only takes a few minutes to apply online or call us at 877-433-5454, we're confident we can get you the best interest rates and repayment terms for your loan.

Applying for a motorcycle title loan with a lender in your neighborhood has other benefits. You can complete the bike inspection at the same time you get a quote, and you may be able to get cash the same day you get approved! Whichever method you choose, Highway Title Loans will work to get your loan underwritten and approved in just hours. So call us at 877-433-5454 to see what you can borrow with a title loan on a motorcycle!