Get A Fast Car Title Loan In Missouri

In Missouri, car title loans online are easy to come by, and many lenders provide cash to those with a free and clear car title. You can get approved for a title loan with poor credit and most 2010 and newer vehicles with equity can qualify.

Highway Title Loans can take your online application in less than 10 minutes and all we need when you apply is your vehicle details and some basic contact information. So why waste any more time applying for a unsecured loan that takes days to get approved and may only result in a loan amount of $500 or less. Get a car title loan in Missouri and you can get your money through direct deposit with loan amounts that start at $1,000!


How Do Online Title Loans Work In Missouri?

Title loans are secured loans that allow you to cash out equity from a car, truck, or SUV. In some cases, you can even use a motorcycle or boat as collateral! Often, these equity loans have no credit check, and you can borrow up to $25,000 in MO. The value of your vehicle determines the loan amount and payment terms and most lenders offer funding using 45% to 65% of the equity value of the vehicle.

Once approved for the loan, you meet with an agent who reviews your documents, does a quick vehicle inspection, and signs off on the lending contract. The inspection takes 45 minutes or less and takes place so a lender can verify the car exists in person, is mechanically sound, and has the appropriate VIN. It doesn't matter where in Missouri you live, as many of the larger lenders can have an agent meet with you that same day if you live in St. Louis or Kansas City. It may take up to one business day in smaller cities such as Joplin but either way, there's a decent chance you can start the online application process with Highway Title Loans, get approved, and then eventually funded in one business day or less!


Requirements For Guaranteed Approval Missouri Title Loans

Lenders require a car titled in your name with a valid pink slip. You need proof of vehicle insurance with sufficient income to warrant the loan amount. Show proof of employment, income records, or bank statements to qualify.

Some lenders will ask for two forms of identification, while others will only need one type of identification with a current utility bill to verify residency within the state There are many locations in Jefferson City, Springfield, and Branson where you can get a copy of your driver's license or any documentation showing your pink slip and registration information.


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Missouri Title Loans With Bad Credit And How Much Can I Borrow

Getting a title loan in Missouri with bad credit is possible when you apply online with Highway Title Loans. Most local lenders will work with customers with low credit scores or little credit history.

Your car's value determines the loan amount, and some lenders will offer $10,000 or more just based on the value of your vehicle. As of 2024, the average loan amount in MO is $1,500 with some lenders offering smaller secured loans that start at $500 for those with minimal equity. Even with a FICO score under 600, you should be able to qualify for a bad credit title loan with just your lien free car title and income verification.

Even with a good credit score, title loans can be beneficial if you want to borrow more than a few thousand dollars. One way to borrow cash is with your vehicle as collateral. Unlike a personal loan, your car's equity makes the loan far less risky to a lender offering $5,000 or more.


Funding Time For MO Title Loans And What Are The Benefits

Your money can be sent to your checking account or debit card through direct deposit or a bank wire within one business day! That timeframe can be quicker if you live in St. Louis County or other larger metro areas with companies that give out cash in person. Compare that to what you see from an unsecured lender that takes days to underwrite and approve your loan! Either way, expect to get cash quickly when you apply with Highway Title Loans.

The benefits of car title loans are straightforward, especially for someone with bad credit who can't qualify for most personal loans or doesn't want to wait days for a bank to underwrite their application. A qualified borrower can typically get cash in their hand within one business day with no credit check needed. Sometimes, you can even get some money on Sundays or holidays when you need emergency cash.

The interest rates for Highway Title Loans in Missouri are higher than you would get with traditional bank loans, so borrowers with poor credit or no credit history can expect an APR of 50% or more. Interest rates range from 15% for well qualified borrowers with excellent credit all the way to 125% for those with minimal equity who have a spotty credit history. No matter what your credit score is, or how much money you make, there's a decent chance we offer you something for the equity in your vehicle!


Apply With Highway Title Loans

Start your application online or call 877-433-5454 to see how much you can borrow with your vehicle's equity. Highway Title Loans can process your application in hours and match you with a local direct lender in Missouri offering funding that same day!


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