Car Title Loans Online In New Jersey

Before you apply for title loans online in New Jersey, be sure to understand how these loans work and what you need to qualify. You need a vehicle that’s entirely paid off and the car’s title has to be in your name. The should be a vehicle year of 2010 or newer and it’s best if the mileage is under 100k. There are very few licensed companies that actually fund direct loans within the state and that makes it difficult to get the best lending terms. So why not apply with Highway Title Loans and we’ll match you with a local company in NJ that offers same day approval with options to get your money in person or have it wired to your bank account.


Title Loan Requirements In New Jersey

– The car needs to be paid off with no lienholders or cosigners on the pink slip.
– The car must be registered in NJ with updated tags
– You need to show proof of income in the form of bank statements or payment records from your employer.
– You must have comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage.


New Jersey car title loan lending requirements and laws.


Other Ways To Get Cash If You Can’t Get A New Jersey Title Loan

Current state regulations make it difficult to get a title loan in NJ. The limits on loan amounts and interest rate caps have caused many direct lenders to exit the state and because of that the underwriting is a bit tighter. So what can you do if you can’t find a title loan company near you or if you can’t qualify? You’ll be surprised to know there are still financing options available even for those with poor credit.


Consider a payday loan if you only need to borrow a small amount of cash and can repay it quickly. If you’re looking for a loan of $1,000 or more you should look into applying with an installment lender that offers loans in NJ for those with bad credit. Do you have equity in your vehicle but can’t qualify for a car title loan? Look into a title pawn where the pawn company holds your vehicle as collateral. This is different than when a title lender holds your car’s title, but it may be an option if you need fast cash and aren’t worried about having to drive the vehicle.

Another option is to apply for an online title loan a neighboring state such as Virginia or Delaware. It’s easier to get approved in these states and some companies will allow you to borrow more than you’d get in New Jersey.


What To Do – Car Title Loans In New Jersey

Car title loans are available for anyone in New Jersey that has a lien free car or truck. But they’re not exactly easy to qualify for and some customers won’t have enough equity to use as collateral for their loan. So why not get started with Highway Title Loans and see how much money you can qualify for with your paid off vehicle. Title loan amounts in NJ start at $2,000 and you may be able to qualify for higher amounts in certain situations. Apply online with us or call 877-433-5454 to start your application!


Fast online funding in New Jersey for title loans.