Get A Same Day Car Title Loan In San Diego, CA

A car title loan is a great option for anyone with bad credit who needs to borrow more than $1,000. These loans use your vehicle equity as collateral and customers in San Diego can get approved in less than an hour. Complete an inspection and sign the contract and there's a c chance to get cash that same day!

Highway Title Loans offers access to car title loans in San Diego of up to 65% of your vehicle's equity value. Most customers can qualify with a paid off vehicle and you won't need a good credit score to get approved. Loan amounts start at $2,500 in California, and you can borrow $10,000 or more with a high value car, SUV, or truck.


How To Apply & What's Required To Get A San Diego Title Loan

Complete the Highway Title Loans online application or call us at 877-433-5454 to get a quick evaluation and quote. All we need to know upfront is your vehicle year, make and model and with that info we'll get you a lending estimate that details the monthly payments and repayment terms.

The requirements for a car title loan in California are straightforward as most lenders require a lien free car title that acts as collateral for a loan. You also need proof of income, proof that the vehicle is registered in CA, proof of vehicle insurance, and you'll need to verify your identity and residency in San Diego.

For those who get pre-approved, you must take the car to a licensed inspection location in San Diego. The inspection takes 30 minutes or less and mostly involves checking the vehicle for damage and confirming the odometer reading and VIN. After getting an approval notification, you can add the lender as a lienholder to the title and pick up your cash or have it sent by direct deposit to a checking or savings account!


Highway Title Loans offers cash for your vehicle's equity in SD!


Bad Credit Title Loans in San Diego

For those with poor credit, a car title loan can be the only way to get a loan when other lenders have turned you down. But can you be approved with a credit score under 600? The answer is yes, as most title loan providers in San Diego underwrite your loan based on the vehicle's equity, not your credit history!

There are occasions when your credit history becomes a factor in approving your loan. Your credit can be an issue  if you're dealing with a repossession from another title loan company, in bankruptcy proceedings, or if you're in default on multiple unsecured loans. Even in these scenarios you can still be approved for a car title loan, albeit with a lower loan amount.


Why Apply With Highway Title Loans In San Diego

Some people in San Diego turn to a title loan because they need more ways to get emergency cash.  But what if you want to get the same or even better terms with a direct lender? Consider applying with Highway Title Loans, as we work with companies in Coronado El Cajon, and all throughout San Diego! Here are some reasons why our customers prefer working with us:

- We're one of the few companies that can refer your application to multiple title loan companies in California. That means you're not stuck with one quote that has a set interest rate and payment term. With Highway Title Loans, you can get numerous payment options and settle on a title loan company in San Diego with the lowest interest rates!

- Interest rates on auto title loans are some of the most competitive in the industry. Yes, the APR of around 35% is high, but you can always pay off the loan early to avoid high rates at the back end of the loan payoff.

- Title loan companies in San Diego offer various repayment options so you can find one that fits your budget and lifestyle. You can get approved for a loan extension or negotiate a refinance if you need a lower monthly payment or need more time to repay the loan!


Apply Today With Highway Title Loans in SD

Contact us to find out the title loan value of your vehicle and much you can borrow with a car title loan in CA. If you qualify, there's a good chance you'll be able to keep driving your vehicle and get a rate under 36% for all car title loans between $2,500 and $10,000!

Apply with Highway Title Loans online, and we can also take your application over the phone. Call us at 888-370-7434 to get a car title loan in San Diego!


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