Get A Car Title Loan In San Francisco CA

Are you looking for a personal loan but can't qualify because of a terrible FICO score? Or are you looking to borrow $2,500 or more in one business day? Perhaps it's time to consider an auto title loan! Highway Title Loans has provided San Francisco residents with car title loans since 2016, and most applicants can qualify using a paid-off vehicle as collateral. Cash out up to 70% of your car, truck, or SUV's value and most newer cars will qualify if they're paid off and registered in your name.

Title loans aren't underwritten based on your credit score. Instead, they rely on the equity in your vehicle when determining a loan amount and repayment terms. Most applicants with vehicles valued at $6,000 or more can qualify for a car title loan in San Francisco, and you can typically get funded in one business day. Call us at 877-433-5454 to get a same day quote today!


Applying With Highway Title Loans In San Francisco

Apply with Highway Title Loans in California, and you'll get a lending decision in minutes. We offer multiple repayment estimates, monthly payment options and different interest rates for alternate payoff terms. When you first apply, we'll need basic vehicle information such as the make, model, mileage, contact details, and your desired loan amount.

Completing the Highway Title Loans application takes less than 5 minutes. After that, you'll need to finish the vehicle inspection and complete the title loan contract to get your cash. Are you looking for a neighborhood title loan company in San Francisco? Some companies offer same-day inspections and funding in San Francisco if you meet with them face to face. We can underwrite your loan and connect you with a local lender in minutes!


Title Loan Requirements In San Francisco CA

You don't need much to get cash from a local title loan company in San Francisco. The paperwork required is minimal, and it only takes a few hours to underwrite an application. Here's what we need:

-Be a California resident 18 or older - You don't need to live in San Francisco to qualify! Any resident of California can apply with Highway Title Loans.

-Be the licensed owner of a fully paid off vehicle - We can only accept lien free vehicles as collateral. Your car has to be titled in your name and you can't have any lenders active on the title.

-Vehicle inspection - You need to bring in the vehicle for an inspection at retail locations ranging from Knob Hill to the Castro District. The inspection should take 45 minutes or less.

-Proof of income - We need updated employment records or bank statements showing you can afford the monthly payments.

Proof of car insurance and vehicle registration - Your vehicle registration must be current. You can renew your tags at dozens of DMV locations in the Bay Area, with the largest facility on Fell Street in Downtown SF.


Cash In SF


Bad Credit Title Loans In San Francisco

One of the best things about title loans in CA is that you can be approved without a standard credit check. Even those with bad credit or no credit score can be approved because the loan approval is based on the car's collateral, not your FICO score. Are you worried that a recent bankruptcy or credit card default will cause you to get rejected? Bankruptcy will be a problem when underwriting a title loan, but just because you missed a few credit card payments doesn't mean you can't get approved for a car title loan in San Francisco. Apply with Highway Title Loans today and we'll focus on the equity in your vehicle, not your credit score!


Interest Rates For San Francisco Title Loans

High interest loans are banned in California, and you should have no trouble qualifying for a San Francisco car title loan with interest rates under 40%. Remember that title loans over $10,000 are not subject to California interest rate restrictions! You should shop for the most competitive rates in the Central Market District or The Embarcadero for these higher loan amounts, as many of these lenders will compete for your business.

Highway Title Loans works with the best local companies, and we'll get you a fair interest rate regardless of your FICO score! Do you already have a title loan from a company in California? If so, why not contact us to see if we can refinance that loan down to a lower rate? Anyone in SF with a title loan interest rate of 40% or more should contact us at 877-433-5454 and refinance their title loan today!


Apply Now With Highway Title Loans in San Francisco

Get cash the same day you qualify when you apply with Highway Title Loans! Apply online, call 877-433-5454, and have the money sent to your checking account in one business day, or go with a local company that offers instant cash pickup in hours. Apply today for a car title loan in San Francisco!


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