Fast Funding With Auto Title Loans In Dallas, TX


Highway Title Loans offers fast approval for title loans in Dallas, TX. You can borrow up to $15,000 and you don’t need excellent credit to qualify!


Dallas TX Title Loan Requirements:

– Be 18 years or older. A few lenders in Dallas County will require applicants to be 21, but most likely, any adult will qualify.

– Have a valid driver’s license showing you are a Texas resident.

– Own a car with a clear title (no liens or loans against it). The vehicle’s title must be entirely paid off, and it needs to be the actual pink slip, no copies!

– Show valid insurance on your vehicle that offers full coverage to the lender in case the car is totaled.


While the car’s title is the most critical factor, there are a few other requirements from smaller title loan companies in Dallas. These can include:

– Provide a spare set of car keys or other forms of collateral besides the pink slip.

– Fill out an extra application form to show references and recommendations for your loan request.

– The 17-digit VIN from your car.


Contact your lender first if there’s a risk of falling behind or defaulting. Any licensed finance lender will want to work to get your payments back on track before they have to repossess a vehicle!


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Title Loans In Dallas With Bad Credit

Even with bad credit, you can still get a title loan in Dallas if you own your car outright and have no past bankruptcies or repossessions. Your estimated funding amount is secured by the value of your vehicle, not your credit score, and that’s important when you realize how fast the underwriting is.

Benefits Of Online Auto Title Loans In Dallas

– No credit check required: One of the main benefits of title loans is that there’s no credit check required. That means you can still qualify even with bad credit if you own your car outright.

– Quick approval: Another benefit of a title pawn online is how fast you can get the cash! Compare how long it takes to get money from a vehicle equity lender in Dallas versus how long you must wait for a personal loan company to answer.

– There should not be a requirement for a vehicle tracking device or system to track your mileage as you would expect with a title pawn. Nearly every online lender in Dallas is acceptable using a pink slip as collateral for the loan, which will often be the primary requirement to get quick approval!


Car Title Loan Amounts And Interest Rates To Expect In Dallas, TX

Direct equity lenders and Credit Access Businesses that offer auto title loans in Dallas will provide you with anywhere from $400 to $15,500, depending on the value of your car. Only borrow what you can afford to pay and stay in constant contact with your loan rep to see if they can ever lower the APR or payoff term.


I’m Ready To Apply – How To Get Started

Now that you know all about title loans in Dallas, it’s time to start the application process. You can begin by completing the Highway Title Loans online form or calling us at 877-433-5454. After that, you must submit paperwork to verify your identity, car ownership, and ability to repay the debt. The last step is to finalize the loan agreement and get your cash!

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Fast cash for your car's title with manageable payment terms.