Is It Possible to Stop Making Payments On A Car Title Loan?


How do you avoid paying back a title loan company that has your vehicle as collateral? Although title loan companies do not fully check your credit, they usually have your name and address on file. Most importantly, they have your car and can possibly repossess your paid off vehicle if you fall behind. Of course, you can fall behind on purpose by deciding not to pay back the loan or you may not be able to make the payment. But either way, it’s not a good idea if you can’t back an online title loan.

Even though a lender can repo your car if you fall behind it’s not ideal for them to go that route. Yes the car is paid off and you don’t owe money to the original lender. But the process of physically taking your car and sending it to auction is costly and takes time. They’d rather have you making monthly payments and will work with someone who can’t pay back a title loan company. An agreement on payments and payoff reduction is ideal for both parties as the lender gets their money and the borrower will keep driving the vehicle.


Talk to your lender before you stop making monthly payments on a paid off car

If you are in financial trouble and having difficulty in paying money, then you can always talk to the company that is granting you the title loan and possibly reach a payment deal that will allow you to pay the money that is owed. Don't stop payment to your title loan company. Instead reach out to your customer service rep to negotiate a settlement or payoff.They may be able to offer you a solution where you will give them a certain amount of money and then they will pay the difference between what is due and what you are able to pay. In some instances, they may even offer you fifty percent of what is owed and just have the extra money forgiven. You may also be able to negotiate to pay a certain percentage of your monthly payments if you have a steady income to pay on the payments. Although you might not actually get out of the installment agreement you will still save your credit rating from becoming negatively affected.


Some title loan companies will renegotiate your title loan rate if the car is paid off

If you’re in financial distress, making extra or early payments may be a wise idea, especially if you are still working on improving your credit rating. Just do not make too many of them, as getting out of paying the debt you owe may only be a day or two, which won’t affect your credit rating and could be forgotten about behind the payments. Consider Highway Car Title Loans where you have the option of getting a title loan refinance.


Alternatives to paying back your online title loan

There are other ways to make payments to title loan companies aside from paying them via monthly installments. One way is to offer the title loan company a cash sum to pay off the full amount due. This is especially ideal to the lender with a fully paid off car. If you have some money on hand you may offer them a lump sum amount and they may be willing to take it. Although you may lose a considerable amount of money, many will whole heartily accept it if they can get something instead of nothing. The goal here is to pay off the full amount owed without incurring a prepayment penalty. Read through your contract and make sure there’s no mention of an early payoff penalty.


Car Title Loans Still Making Monthly Payments

Most people that apply for title loans have a free and clear vehicle title, but there are some who are looking for a title loan even though they’re still making monthly payments. If you are unable to get a cash sum option or you simply don’t want to, your best option would be to pay back your debt as soon as you can. While it’s always easy to apply for bad credit title loans in the future, that’s going to be an option to avoid at all costs and it’s best to get back to a better financial situation. As much as it would cost you, it is still recommended to not ignore the loan as you may end up paying higher interest and penalties than you anticipated. You still want to make the payments on your title loan to avoid a repossession and eventual loss of your vehicle ownership.

you can apply for car title loans if your still making monthly payments.

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